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A short story

Like every other sunday, he woke up late. No gym. No workout. No office. As a part of his usual morning routine, he sat in his chair and took the newspaper in his hand just when his mother came with a hot cup of Nescafe. He took a sip and turned a page. A photograph caught his eye. He put his coffee down to rest without finishing it. He read the news and felt uneasy. He stood up, went to his room and decided to take a shower.
Although he was just in his late 20s, he had the perfect life. He didn't have to search for a job after the completion of his education as he got an offer from a reputed Multi National Company and soon got promoted to a higher post with a six digit sum as monthly salary. His parents were so proud of him. His gorgeous house was located in an eye catching property within city limits. He also had the perfect lover with whom he had recently been engaged.
After his shower, he got ready in a matter of minutes and took a blank cheque leaf from his chequebook. He got out of his house. In his porch sat an expensive SUV and beside it, his priced possession. It was a Royal Enfield which his Dad bought as a graduation present using a bank loan. It was the same vehicle he used to ride all the way up to the country's capital last year. He took great care of it and kept it in mint condition as it was very close to his heart. He sat on his bike and started the engine and rode it out into the road. Neither did he think about a helmet nor did he look at the people who smiled at him. He entered the main road and switched gears. It didn't take much before his speedometer went past 60.
The previous day, he was walking towards his car after visiting his friend when a man came running for help. He told that he was being chased by some people and just as he said it, some people emerged from the alley nearby. Seeing them, the man took off. He stood a minute confused thinking what to do. He turned around and looked but he couldn't find them. Whatever ! . Today morning, he saw a news with the photograph of the man he saw yesterday. A father of two, he was found dead near a railway track. He was murdered for telling the truth.
He was speeding through the road with his mind filled up to the brim with emotions. He didn't recognize that he jumped a red light. His last memory was that of a  loud thunder and darkness creeping into his eyes.