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A short story

Like every other sunday, he woke up late. No gym. No workout. No office. As a part of his usual morning routine, he sat in his chair and took the newspaper in his hand just when his mother came with a hot cup of Nescafe. He took a sip and turned a page. A photograph caught his eye. He put his coffee down to rest without finishing it. He read the news and felt uneasy. He stood up, went to his room and decided to take a shower. Although he was just in his late 20s, he had the perfect life. He didn't have to search for a job after the completion of his education as he got an offer from a reputed Multi National Company and soon got promoted to a higher post with a six digit sum as monthly salary. His parents were so proud of him. His gorgeous house was located in an eye catching property within city limits. He also had the perfect lover with whom he had recently been engaged. After his shower, he got ready in a matter of minutes and took a blank cheque leaf from his chequebook. He go…
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Starting things off

Well I have heard about blogging a long long time ago and I created one just after hearing about it. When I created one I started thinking what to write about. But soon after I began experimenting on templates and stuff and I just didn't think about writing. Now after a lot of years I have again logged into my blog but this time , I thought , that I will actually be writing something. I am not sure how often could I blog but will try to. I don't know whether people really see my blog , and for those who do , you are welcome.
Comments are always encouraged. Cheers !